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Making My Home More Beautiful With Flowers

One day after I got home from a business meeting, I realized that my home needed a little more visual appeal. Instead of filling my home with loads of boring knick-knacks, I decided to invest in natural flowers and beautiful floral arrangements. I worked with a local florist to provide me with local, seasonal flowers, and it was incredible. My home smelled better and felt like it was alive, instead of looking boring. I wanted to make a blog dedicated to people who want to infuse their homes with a few great floral arrangements. Read more here about how to choose a florist and the right flowers.

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Selecting The Right Flowers: 4 Tips To Make This Valentine's Day A Success

The average American celebrating Valentine's Day in 2015 was expected to spend roughly $142 purchasing gifts for their significant others, co-workers, family members and other recipients. This was an increase from the year before, so it is likely that the spending will increase for this year as well. If you're one of the people that plan to purchase flowers for someone, here are a few things to keep in mind as you shop:

1. Avoid Red Roses…Unless She Just Really Loves Them.

Red roses are so traditional and expected. They aren't creative. Plus, at Valentine's Day, they are marked up like crazy, so they're going to cost you a fortune. As a result, you won't be able to get a significantly large arrangement. Instead, try to consider other flowers. You'll be able to get a bigger and better arrangement for your money by staying away from the traditional roses. To save money, opt for flowers that are actually in season during this time, such as lilies and chrysanthemums.

2. Take Into Consideration How Well She Enjoys Scents.

Believe it or not, some women don't like the smell of strong flowers. For some of them, it gives them a headache. Others are simply turned off by the strong floral scent. So, if your significant other is one of these women, you won't want to send her something with a strong scent like jasmine and peonies. Instead, opt for understated blooms that are just as beautiful, such as poppies, tulips and calla lilies.

3. Consider The Recipient's Age.

At Valentine's Day, it isn't always about your significant other. You may want to send flowers to your mom, grandmother, aunt or someone else entirely. Before you just send flowers, consider their age. For example, older individuals (60 and older) may prefer a basket arrangement or a blooming plant rather than a dozen roses that will die after a few days. If you're sending flowers to a younger sister or someone under 20, consider carnations, sunflowers or gerbera daisies. These aren't super-expensive flowers, but they're beautiful.

4. Talk to a Professional Florist.

If you need help selecting the best flower or bouquet for your loved one, consider speaking with a florist. You can express your ideas with the florist, who can then give you some visuals that you can select from. Most florists will have a look book in their shop that you can flip through and see what stands out at you. If there is a particular flower in an arrangement that you know your recipient wouldn't like, talk to the florist about what flower could be substituted for it.