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Making My Home More Beautiful With Flowers

One day after I got home from a business meeting, I realized that my home needed a little more visual appeal. Instead of filling my home with loads of boring knick-knacks, I decided to invest in natural flowers and beautiful floral arrangements. I worked with a local florist to provide me with local, seasonal flowers, and it was incredible. My home smelled better and felt like it was alive, instead of looking boring. I wanted to make a blog dedicated to people who want to infuse their homes with a few great floral arrangements. Read more here about how to choose a florist and the right flowers.

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Autumn-Inspired Wedding Flowers

With its crisp temperatures and changing scenery, fall can provide the perfect backdrop for a fairy tale wedding.  And adding autumn-inspired details to your flower arrangements can be the perfect way to bring the beauty of this time of year to every aspect of your special day.  Here are some ideas for making your fall-time wedding flowers stand-out:

Rich Hues

While reds, browns, and oranges are classic fall colors, other rich colors can add a special pop to your arrangements.  Consider deep tones like burgundy, maroon, and chocolate (think wine-colored calla lilies or burgundy dahlias).  Alternately, dark, jewel-toned flowers can also add the rich feeling of fall (think eggplant-tinted poms or cranberry-colored carnations).  

Fall-inspired Fillers

While traditional baby's breath has gone out of style for most wedding arrangements, creatively tinted baby's breath is the fall-time exception.  With colors ranging from burnt orange to sparkly gold, these fresh-takes on a stale-standby can bring depth and interest your arrangements.

Autumn leaves, whether they're muted browns of oak or the bright reds and oranges of maple, can also be a great alternative to more classic green fillers.

Metallic Accents

Make your fall arrangements shine...literally!  Gold, silver, and copper accents are the perfect way to underscore the opulence of fall flowers.  Incorporate these tones by using metallic vases, sparkly ribbons, or even having gold dust added to your flowers.

Natural Accents

Metal isn't the only way to make your flowers feel fall-inspired.  Look for ways to use earth-toned natural accents for a whole different feel.  Woven bouquet holders and centerpiece baskets can lend a rustic romance to your event.  Adding feathers to your flowers can be another way to add an unexpected, but decidedly fall-feeling, touch to your wedding arrangements.  Pheasant feathers look especially striking when mixed with other fall florals.

Harvest Fruits

Finally, incorporating harvest produce into your arrangements is the perfect way to make the most of an autumn wedding.  Miniature pumpkins in a variety of colors (white, red, green stripes, etc.) are a classic way to signal the season.  Orchard fruits, like apples and pears, can give a different, fresher touch to a fall color scheme which might otherwise feel heavy.  They can also add a touch of whimsy if used in bouquets.  For a more subtle touch, use branches and berries (such as hypericum) mixed into your arrangements.  

Fall is a time of transition, and your wedding represents you and your spouse's transition to a new life together.  Celebrate these changes by using the tips above to create truly autumn-inspired floral arrangements.

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