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Making My Home More Beautiful With Flowers

One day after I got home from a business meeting, I realized that my home needed a little more visual appeal. Instead of filling my home with loads of boring knick-knacks, I decided to invest in natural flowers and beautiful floral arrangements. I worked with a local florist to provide me with local, seasonal flowers, and it was incredible. My home smelled better and felt like it was alive, instead of looking boring. I wanted to make a blog dedicated to people who want to infuse their homes with a few great floral arrangements. Read more here about how to choose a florist and the right flowers.

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Flowers Aren't Just For Funerals: Fun Ideas For Flower Gifts For The One You Love

Receiving flowers can brighten someone's entire week. The beauty of flowers and an appreciation for the sender's thoughtfulness in selecting the floral arrangement is a powerful emotional boost. When flowers are given out of the blue or for unexpected occasions, they are especially wonderful to receive. Besides, you don't want someone's funeral to be the first time you send them flowers! No way. Send the gift of flowers throughout a lifetime. In fact, try giving flowers for these fun reasons, and you will make your loved one very happy.

Celebrate Put on Your Own Shoes Day

There are so many December holidays, such as Hanukkah, Christmas, and Kwanza, and that's just for starters. It's kind of easy to see how the holiday Put On Your Own Shoes Day on December 6 may be a bit neglected. One's thing is for sure. If you send someone flowers with an invitation to go shoe shopping on December 6, your recipient will be surprised, amused, and overjoyed.

Honor Monthly Anniversaries

Most people send flowers for annual anniversaries. However, make a bold move and send a beautiful floral arrangement on a monthly anniversary. It doesn't have to be a significant amount of months or even a half-year mark. It could be for a two-month anniversary or a 23-month anniversary. The point is that it will be unexpected, yet it is very romantic. Guys are typically mocked for not remembering once-a-year anniversaries, so remembering a monthly one will earn you extra points in the romance department.

Send Canned Food and Flowers

Did you know that February is Canned Food Month? It is typically a busy month for florists because of Valentine's Day, but beat the romantic fools to the floral shop. Send flowers with a single can of food on any day in February in celebration of Canned Food Month. Send a funny note about why the month may be meaningful for you and your loved one. This one could even take a serious turn if your loved one gives back to a food pantry or other area where canned food is used, as you may appreciate those efforts in your message. One thing's for sure: that delivery will be memorable.

Finally, keep in mind that flowers are a universal gift of beauty and care. When you send a floral arrangement, you are expressing your feelings and taking action to show them in a memorable way. Add in the fun element of these gifting ideas, and you have a recipe for joy.

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